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Roof Repairs in Hamel Hempstead

Whether you have a leaking roof that requires an emergency roof repair, have just purchased a new property and need a new roof installing on the property to make it watertight, or are just looking to have a new roof fitted on your home. 

We also repair & install guttering, soffits & fascia boarding to homes & business premises. Having correct guttering is essential to ensure wastewater can safely leave your roofs and flow correctly to a drainage facility. Incorrect drainage can lead to damp build-up within your property as water will start to run down the walls of your home, soaking through the bricks & mortar and into the interior of your home. 

Our Roofing Services

Roof Repairs

Whether your roof has been the victim of weathering or a heavy storm, ARL Building Services can provide you with professional emergency roofing repairs.

Tile Replacement

Keep the rain out of your property and decorate your roof with elegance choosing from our supplier’s range roof tiles and slate tiles ideal for both domestic and commercial properties.


Does your roof look tired and struggling in its old age? Our team of expert roofers are on hand to provide full and thorough re-roofing projects, bringing the appeal and security back to your home for many years to come.

Fascia & Soffit Repairs

Repairing your fascia and soffits on your property will not only increase the value of the building, but it will help to reduce further maintenance costs in the future, keeping your roofline in fantastic condition for years to come.

Guttering Repairs

Gutters are essential to prevent the accumulation of water on your roof and to prevent spillage on to the property itself. The Roofers at ARL offer bespoke gutter installations and repairs to meet your roofing requirements.

Storm Damage Repairs

If your roof has been damaged by strong winds and heavy rain, contact the experts at ARL Design and Construction for swift storm damage repairs. We will get your roof back into full working order again in no time.

Roofer in Hemel Hempstead?

ARL Design & Construction specialise in a comprehensive range of roofing services including slate and tile roofs, reroofing, all aspects of roof repairs and maintenance, roofline accessories including fascia, soffits gutters and more. Roofing is also available as part of our new build construction service. Our team of roofers have over 30 years of experience of working in and around Herts, Bucks and Beds. We can work on any type, size or style of roof. Our experienced team is available for all size projects, from a minor roof repair to full new roof installation. 

ARL Design & Construction was established in 1986, we take pride in every job undertaken and work hard to deliver outstanding results for our clients. With over 30+ years’ experience in Roofing and Roofline projects choose ARL to take care of your properties roofing needs. As with all our services our Roofing Repair and renovation services are always delivered to the highest standards within your initially agreed budget. To get your free initial no-obligation quote get in touch with us today.ARL Construction have been established since 1986, providing professional roofing services through Hemel Hempstead. We pride ourselves on the quality of our craft and have been delivering the result to clients for over 30 years. 

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We guarantee to complete all work within agreed timescales and on budget. You can trust us to keep your roof in great condition and in working order for many years to come, ARL strives to deliver the very best quality of service, product and support possible and pride ourselves, on, our excellent reputation which we have developed over our many years in business.